Human Error in GMP

Understand The Principles Of Human Performance To Reduce Human Error

Human performance errors are the chief cause of quality and production losses in many industries. Luckily, variables that can affect human behavior, including procedures, training, and the workplace environment, can be manipulated—assuming you understand human behavior and the psychology of error. Learning the psychology of error means starting with the importance of motivation and attention,...

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Tackle Risk Assessment In Commercial Manufacturing Using International Standards Classifications

Poor process and organizational outcomes often stem from poor risk assessment techniques. Personnel involved with risk assessment and management in quality and process control settings need to know which risk assessment and management approaches fit best with different applications so they can pursue their strategic goals more effectively. A sound risk assessment process is...

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Senior housing

Beware: HUD’s HOPA Exception Is Not an Invitation to Market to Under-55 Renters

Anyone who owns, manages, or advertisers a market-rate property as a “senior community” should be familiar with the HUD’s Housing for Older Persons Act (HOPA). This law dates to the 1980s and offers exceptions to the Federal Fair Housing Act protections for familial status. Maintaining your property’s qualification and compliance with HOPA is critical...

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