COVID-19 coding and guidance

– American Medical Association Updated May 6, 2020 COVID-19 coding and guidance. New Current Procedural Terminology (CPT®) codes have been created that streamline the novel coronavirus testing currently available on the United States market. A revision to code 86318 and addition of two codes are effective April 10, 2020 for use as the industry...

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Two EMTALA Hospital Violations

Two EMTALA Violations causes in Hospital Emergency Department

Two Surprising—But Common—Causes of EMTALA Violations The Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act (EMTALA) is full of concepts that seem straightforward, so why are EMTALA violations so common for hospitals? Although EMTALA requirements are seemingly simple, they quickly get confusing when they’re applied to real patients in real-life situations. And if a patient or...

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