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Human Resources

Talent has become an extremely valuable resource nowadays. So how can the Human Resources (HR) function keep on top of this dynamic environment. From changing regulations, managing millennials or just being fair & ethical in approach, today’s HR professional has a lot on their plate. That’s why keeping on learning is so important. Review the learning materials on offer now.

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Payroll & Tax

It’s a no-brainer. There’s more to do in a day & CPE may not exactly be a priority. But the busier you are, we would argue, the more important it is to pick the CPE that’s worth your time. And wouldn’t you absolutely hate it if you keep falling behind the learning curve. We provide you a way to keep your skills & knowledge sharp so that you serve your clients better & maximize your earning potential. Have a look at the trending learning materials we have got for you.

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It's an exciting & dynamic time. Artificial Intelligence, Data science, Machine Learning, Blockchain, IoT are the new buzzwords that are ruling the airways. And interestingly enough these sweeping changes are transformational - affecting tech professionals and CEO's alike. These days it's not enough to leave tech just to the techies. Technology changes are affecting each & every professional & staying on top of the curve is important - if not to improve career growth, but just to ensure that you are able to do your current job well.

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Leadership & Management

Do you know what makes a successful leader and whether you have these qualities? Do you know when you should manager versus when you should lead your team? What actions do you need to take to establish and grow your leadership attributes and role?

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WiseQuestion aims to be the country’s top training provider of business-enhancing information for healthcare professionals. We intend to bring together several healthcare trainings a year on hot topics for physician practices, coders & billers, hospitals, ASCs, HHAs, hospices, rehab and skilled nursing facilities.

Trainings include..

Excel Skills

Microsoft Excel is a powerful tool for compiling and analyzing large quantities of data. But are you intimidated by its complexity? You don’t need to be a master programmer to master Excel functions. Just endure the small amount of time it takes to learn some advanced features and reap the rewards!

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That may interest you

Predictive Analysis in Business

Predictive analytics is emerging as a competitive strategy across many business sectors and can set apart high performing companies. This course is suitable for students/practitioners interested in improving their knowledge in the field of predictive analytics. The course will also prepare the learner for a career in the field of data analytics. If you are in the quest for the right competitive strategy to make companies successful, then join us to master the tools of predictive analytics.

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The Tax Cuts & Jobs Act 2017

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 (TCJA) makes small reductions to income taxrates for most individual tax brackets and significantly reduces the income tax rate for corporations. ... The TCJA also eliminates or limits many tax breaks, and much of the tax relief is only temporary.

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There are so many training providers out there that it's pretty impossible to find the right course at the right time. And then there is the cost. WQ helped by providing me a collection of trainings with their prices. No-brainer - saved a good deal of money in the process.


Was tired of searching around for the right topic for me. WQ helped narrow the search with it's recommendations. Saved me a lot of time at work. Great job WQ!


Great course. Excellent faculty. Totally worth the money invested.

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