Product Format : Prerecorded Event
Presenter(s) : Dr. Miriam Reiss
Length : 60 minutes

How to Spot & Neutralize Your Stress Triggers

Successfully Handle Workplace Pressure – the 3 C’s. Have you ever noticed certain people – usually highly successful ones – who seem to stay so calm and almost serene under pressure? Have you ever wondered how those people can keep such a cool head in stressful situations?

Learn the tricks and techniques to keep your self-confidence under challenging workplace situations in this live webinar by leadership guru Dr. Miriam Reiss. Discover how to maintain your composure in the face of trying circumstances and difficult people. Learn the critical difference between self-esteem and self-confidence, and how these impact peak performance. Uncover how times of intense challenge can lay the foundation for increased professional visibility and significant career opportunity.

After attending this information-packed session, you’ll walk away with concrete tools to stay calm, clear, confident, and composed during times of high stress and significant workplace pressure. Get real-world scenarios to understand core career skills for thriving in high-pressure situations.

This how-to session on ‘Successfully Handle Workplace Pressure – the 3 C’s’ will cover:

  • The 10 antidotes for stress and specific stress-related solutions;
  • The difference between stress and your reaction to stress;
  • How to identify your stress triggers – and counteract them; and
  • The secret powers of breath-work, metaphor, and mindset.

Who Should Attend:
This session will benefit

  • Executives and Managers at all levels,
  • Directors,
  • Supervisors,
  • HR professionals,
  • And those who frequently find themselves stressed out or in stressful situations.


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