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Product Format : Prerecorded Webinar
Presenter(s) : Melveen Stevenson
Length : 60 minutes

Develop Robust JDs that Improve Employee Performance and Reduce Your Risk for Discrimination Claims


How to Draft Legally Sound Job Descriptions. Most companies don’t put in the time and the effort to create strongly-written job descriptions. They allow their job descriptions to lag behind the “real world” changes and requirements of the job. What they (and probably you) don’t realize is that poorly written, outdated, and non-existent job descriptions can lead to a host of problems – such as employee disengagement, low morale, and legal complications – whereas a well-drafted job description can help you defend your company strongly in a discrimination case, and also improve employee performance.

Learn to write robust job descriptions that identify all the job requirements and avoid language that increases your potential for discrimination claims in this webinar, presented by industry expert Melveen Stevenson. Carefully written job descriptions, as you will learn, can act as reliable tools for effective hiring, new employee onboarding, performance management, disciplinary and performance improvement efforts, as well as for human capital planning for growth and change in any organization.

Ms. Stevenson will walk you through the foundational information about job descriptions, with special emphasis on the legal considerations that you should be aware of – including (but not limited to) American with Disabilities Act (ADA), workers’ compensation, and wage and hour considerations. She will apprise you of the importance of well-written job descriptions; provide a roadmap and best practices for developing job descriptions, and show you how to create robust, legally sound job descriptions within your company. You will learn the primary components of a sound job description, as well as the many uses of job descriptions (such as in recruiting and hiring; onboarding and orientation; performance management; promotions and compensation; and leave management).

After attending this information-packed webinar – ‘How to Draft Legally Sound Job Descriptions’, you’ll be able to systematically develop clear, concise, and sound job descriptions that support your company’s operations and clarify the roles and responsibilities for your employees.

Session Highlights

You will learn how to:

  • Confidently develop your own well-written job descriptions and improve your existing ones
  • Support the success of your company by correctly understanding the legal considerations relating to job descriptions
  • Create useful and plain-language tools for your employees to understand the components and relevance of their position to that of your company’s overall operations
  • Provide your company with a useful tool for career planning, performance management, training and development, and legal/compliance purposes
  • Differentiate job analysis from job description and job posting – and why you should know the difference among all three
  • Understand the uses of job descriptions, including recruiting and hiring; onboarding and orientation; performance management; promotions and compensation; and, leaves management
  • Know the primary components of a well-constructed job description
  • Create a roadmap and best practices for developing job descriptions

Who Should Attend

  • Managers
  • Supervisors
  • HR professionals
  • Talent managers
  • Recruiters
  • Business leaders

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