Product Format : Webinar
Presenter(s) : Biagio W. Sciacca
Length : 60 minutes

Learn Powerful Techniques to Rapidly Assimilate New Ideas and Become a More Effective Leader


7 Attributes of High Octane Leaders. Contrary to popular rhetoric, no one is a “born leader”—you become one. And even after becoming one you have to continually strive to be at the top of your game in order to retain that leadership position and grow further. Good leaders don’t sit on their laurels—they continue to make new ones. However, the challenge with leadership (as with all behavioral sciences) is that there is no fixed template that would work for everyone in the exact same way. Trial-and-error methods could prove to be not just costly and time consuming, but detrimental for your business in more than a number of ways.

Further your leadership skills in a way that fits your personality in this transformational webinar by leadership trainer-cum author Biagio W. Sciacca. Sciacca has designed this webinar to assist you in the rapid assimilation of new ideas that can become part of your managerial and leadership repertoire. To achieve that goal, he will introduce the notion of “Personal Kaizen” in terms of developing, embracing, and incorporating new ideas that will bring about changes in your behavior. Plus, he will discuss a concept called “The Slight Edge” to help you assimilate new ideas quickly. Among other things, Sciacca will also share actionable behavioral-change items.

Attending this webinar will help you garner solid leadership information, and springboard you into leadership development. You will develop a deeper understanding of out-of-the-box thinking in terms of leadership. You will become more energized because of the focus you will place on your personal leadership development. You will also be able to develop a better understanding of leading and developing a climate of motivation for your staff.

Session Highlights

This ‘7 Attributes of High Octane Leaders’ webinar will elaborate on the following topics:

  • Mental application must be consistent
  • Intensity is a choice
  • Strategy does not necessarily equal strong tactics—but strong tactics can equal a great strategy
  • Communication must be 360°
  • Momentum is just as important as direction
  • Your internal script must be congruent to your outward behavior
  • Incremental change is as important as massive disruption

Who Should Attend

  • Leaders
  • C-Suite
  • Managers
  • Executives


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