Product Format : Prerecorded Webinar
Presenter(s) : Carol Hacker
Length : 60 minutes

Boost Morale and Profits With Employee Engagement


Employee Engagement Keep the People Who Keep You in Business. Disengaged employees siphon money from your profits, and they negatively impact productivity and morale. Gallup estimates that disengaged employees cost U.S. businesses between $450 billion to $550 billion each year in lost productivity, and your disengaged workers are costing you more than $2,000 per employee per year. You need engagement strategies to build a healthy workplace, maximize your organization’s success, and retain loyal employees!

Join HR expert Carol Hacker as she outlines why disengagement happens—and how to stop it. In this webinar, Hacker provides engagement tips that will keep your employees committed to you and your organization, giving your company a competitive advantage.

After attending this ‘Employee Engagement Keep the People Who Keep You in Business’ event, you will be able to recognize the first signs of disengaging behavior, and you will understand what it takes to motivate employees and earn their loyalty. You’ll be ready to use your leadership skills to ward off disengaging employee behaviors, boost morale, and retain better employees.

Session Highlights

This program will teach you how to:

  • Strengthen your employee engagement skills
  • Put a retention plan in place that reduces turnover and sends the message that: “This is a great place to work!”
  • Apply your leadership skills as your first line of defense against unwanted turnover
  • Manage gossip and rumors during times of change and uncertainty
  • Diagnose your employees’ level of engagement and make adjustments as needed
  • Reward employees whose passions drive them to stretch their talents to outstanding performance
  • Counsel disengaged employees with confidence, credibility, and tact
  • Get maximum return on your investment when your employees efficiently serve internal as well as external customers
  • Build and lead a department that is more of a community and less of a corporation
  • Make every resignation an opportunity for retention and improved morale

Who Should Attend

  • HR professionals
  • Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Team leaders
  • Executives


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