LinkedIn: Power Boost Your HR Management Success

LinkedIn Power Boost HR

Use LinkedIn To Build And Expand Your Company’s Brand As An Employer Of Choice

In your quest to recruit top talent for your organization, you can’t afford to overlook LinkedIn as a viable networking platform. Gone are the days when potential candidates relied on job postings alone as a basis for submitting a resume. Use LinkedIn to Power Boost your HR efforts. LinkedIn lets you both learn about potential employees and reach out to and educate them about your organization.

But LinkedIn is more than just a recruitment tool! If harnessed properly, your Human Resources (HR) management staff can utilize LinkedIn to build a powerful profile that markets your company as a well-connected expert in your field.

Tap Into LinkedIn’s Potential – Power Boost your efforts

With all the different social networking platforms at your fingertips, why should you tap into LinkedIn? Consider that LinkedIn:

  • Enjoys a wide adoption among workers;
  • Can serve as a huge billboard with your company’s name on it; and
  • Ranges from free to relatively inexpensive, depending on which level of service you opt for.

If that’s not enough incentive, posted an infographic with some eye-opening LinkedIn statistics. Did you know:

  • 48 percent of recruiters post jobs on LinkedIn and nowhere else on social media?
  • 77 percent of all job openings are posted on LinkedIn?
  • 73 percent of recruiters filled a position using social media in 2012, a 15-percent increase from 2011?
  • 89 percent of recruiters have filled a position using LinkedIn at some point in time?
  • 97 percent of all HR and staffing professionals use LinkedIn in their recruiting efforts?

A Bullhorn Reach infographic cites even more evidence that LinkedIn is the social networking platform of choice for recruiters:

  • 21 percent of recruiters have 50 or fewer Facebook friends.
  • 75 percent of recruiters have 100 or fewer Twitter followers.
  • 28 percent of recruiters have 1000 or more LinkedIn connections.
  • On average, you can double your LinkedIn network size in only 7.6 months, compared to 33.9 months for Facebook.
  • LinkedIn gets 8.8 times more job applications than Facebook and three times more than Twitter.

Build Your Brand On LinkedIn

Because job seekers know LinkedIn is where the recruiters are, they’re using it to seek out top-notch organizations for job inquiries. You need to put your best foot forward to make your company shine. But how do you stand out from other organizations like yours and make job seekers interested in your company? Follow these tips:

  • Create a personal profile. As an HR professional, a comprehensive, unique profile will serve as an effective outreach for your organization. Complete your profile thoroughly and accurately, include a professional photo, cite something that sets you apart from others in your field, and update your profile regularly.
  • Create a company page. LinkedIn offers tools to build your company’s page where you can let potential candidates know about your products and services as well as job openings. Post your logo and use your corporate colors to remain true to your marketing brand. Use relevant keywords, and post links and regular company updates. Want to really catch a job seeker’s attention? Post a positive employee video testimonial describing what it’s like to work at your company!
  • Have employees create pages. While individual LinkedIn pages do serve as personal resumes, they also provide an eye into your organization. Your main corporate page pulls statistical information such as educational degrees, years of experience, universities attended, and job functions are pulled from individual pages, where candidates can review these details
  • Join a group. There’s no shortage of groups on LinkedIn that you can glean valuable insight from. You can learn from other professionals in your field and get leads on potential employees, all while expanding your corporate network. You can also start a LinkedIn group to communicate with and build employee connections, recognition, and engagement.

Learn How To Get Connected

If any of this sounds overwhelming, it’s all doable! When you learn one step at a time from industry experts, you can boost your organization’s brand and position your firm as a place people want to work.

(This post first appeared in a ProfEd blog)

By Amy P on 2th April 2018

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