Tips for Creating An Effective Onboarding Website

Creating an effective onboarding site

How Do You Ensure That You Have An Effective Onboarding Program Using Your Website?

Creating a new employee onboarding plan need not be a complicated process, especially if you have a proper plan of action in place. You need to first set into place the core messages you want to send out to your new employees and then ensure that all those points are integrated into the final plan. And because we are a digital generation it’s a no brainer that creating an effective onboarding website is key to provide a great onboarding experience.

Here are the things that you will need to do to create an effective onboarding program:

  • Many companies choose to make a website, the link of which they can share with the future employees even before they join, so that the information can be shared effectively. The website can have all the essential information, such as what the organisation is all about, the key members of the team, what each team does and other important details.
  • This same website can be used to send out all the forms that the new employee will need to fill out, before joining. Rather than the employee spending the entire first day, filling out such forms, this step will allow them to complete all such paperwork from home and also reduce physical paperwork. They can fill everything up and simply send it online!
  • Even before you have the employee onboard, you need to make sure that they are excited about working for you. This means that your website needs to have information that will make them want to come and work for you, as soon as possible. You can share information about the work culture that you follow, activities that are carried out on a regular basis and how the day to day happens. 
  • Most new employees are not interested in seeing who the top management is, because most of the times, they will not even get to interact with them. They will want to know who they will be working with on a daily basis. Share profiles of the staff and remember to highlight those who often tend to play mentorship roles. This will help the new employees get an idea of who they might want to choose as their own mentors. 
  • One section of your website could also be about posts that your existing employees can put up, giving new employees a first hand look at how things work. Many companies even have their own online video channels or pages on popular video viewing websites, where they are able to post videos that might interest newcomers. 
  • A good onboarding program becomes great when the entire process is an experience, rather than just some information being given away. When an employee is about to join a new organisation, he or she will want to know more than just what happens during the working hours – they will wan tot know about what kind of groups they can join, what the social calendar looks like and whether there are semi-casual chat groups they can join. 

While digital onboarding is important, you cannot leave everything to it – there has to be a human aspect to the process too. once the employee has joined, make sure that you take the time to talk to them personally, introduce them to the rest of the team, give them a tour of the office and engage them in interesting tasks from day one. 

In the days to come, you will also need to keep in regular touch with the new employees – gather feedback from them about how they are liking the new organisation and whether they are able to understand their job requirements with ease. The data that is collected can help with any required alterations for the onboarding program too. and always remember, new hires are also new eyes – take their feedback on everything, because you will have a fresh perspective on an organisation that you have been with for years. So what are you waiting for? Start creating an effective onboarding website now.


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