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Product Format : Prerecorded Webinar
Presenter(s) : Stephanie Thomas
Length : 60 minutes

Top 25 modifiers in surprise billing and how to use them correctly


Surprise Billing Audit – The Top 25 Modifiers. Many healthcare organizations and multi-specialty hospitals are not able to address the issues that arise due to surprise billing. Most common issues are related to proper modifier usage, proper coding of supplies or not unbundling during office hours.

After attending this in-depth webinar by Stephanie Thomas, you will be able to decipher NCCI procedure to procedure code pair edits and how to use them to get paid on valid code pairs.

You will receive information that explains top 25 modifiers, PTP (procedure to procedure) pairs and NCCI (national correct coding initiative) examples and new codes. This ‘Surprise Billing Audit’ event will also help you to learn and understand global periods, their meaning and when it is appropriate to append a modifier without unbundling and to keep compliant.

In this program ‘Surprise Billing Audit – The Top 25 Modifiers’, you will learn:

  • What are top 25 modifiers
  • What are the types of modifiers
  • How to use modifiers correctly
  • What are global periods
  • How to append a modifier without unbundling
  • What are PTP (procedure to procedure) pairs
  • What are NCCI (national correct coding initiative) edits
  • What are 5 commonly misused modifiers
  • What is OIG workplan modifier

Who Should Attend:

This session will benefit

  • multi-specialty,
  • administrators,
  • managers,
  • billing managers,
  • billers and coders,
  • providers and mid-levels,
  • account receivable staff


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