Preventing Workplace Harassment

As Human Resource professionals and managers might know, Workplace Harassmentthe 21st century has ushered in a new detested period of harassment and bullying challenges in the office.  The “workplace” itself has gone under a change from a single site to a wide array of locations, off-site offices, internet sites, and international destinations.  Along with these numerous challenges, the workplace is now a diverse mix of generations, ethnic backgrounds, and personality types.  These specific changes have brought new challenges and opportunities.  Unfortunately, workplace harassment and bullying are at an all-time high.

Join Judi Clements in this 60-minute audio session so as to brush up your skills on the harassment prevention & discipline and get various new insights on the current trends and challenges.  She will also help you to develop the skills in order to encourage the employees to interact respectfully with one another, and also follow the anti-harassment and anti-bullying workplace polices. In addition to this, she will focus on how to effectively deal with a slew of victims and harassers, and heal a damaged workplace.

Session highlights:

  • Definition of  “workplace harassment”
  • Pinpointing the various types of workplace harassment
  • How harassment can carry over into the internet & social media
  • Defining what constitutes a “pattern” of harassment
  • Clarifying employees’ rights & employers’ responsibilities
  • Understanding victim behavior
  • Understand harasser behavior
  • Detecting early warning signs of harassment
  • Distinguishing between valid and invalid complaints
  • Conducting investigations and interviews
  • Healing a damaged workplace
  • Protecting yourself and your organization from legal liability

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Incorporating Strategic Succession Planning At Workplace

Companies that usually don’t have effective succession planning strategies in its place, oftentimes find themselves having frequent gaps in their chief leadership team, with absolutely no possibility of promoting someone from within. This often occurs not because there is no one qualified enough, but because the company hasn’t taken the requisite time so as to determine who on their staff actually has the potential and desire – to move up or started preparing such individuals to do so.

Plus, when you totally fail to provide a new and formal way for ambitious employees to throw their hat in the proverbial ring for leadership opportunities, you might end up losing your precious people who have the greatest potential. That happens because talented workers who want to advance are just not likely to stay put in jobs where they see the company failing to groom the next generation of leaders and also, where they see top positions being filled externally without even giving consideration to incumbent workers.

Attendees will be:

  • Identifying team members who have the potential to step up to leadership roles within the company with proper preparation and training
  • Encouraging buy-in among current members of the leadership team regarding the importance of succession planning
  • Getting current leaders to clearly see the role they play in setting the tone for future leadership through the examples they set as well as through their willingness to coach, mentor and nurture team members
  • Understanding the benefits are of establishing a formal mentoring and training program for developing future leaders
  • Grasping topics and components to consider incorporating into a succession planning approach

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Essentials of Legal & Effective Discipline & Documentation

In our litigious society, it has become quite crucial for the supervisors so as to know how to document and also discipline the employees in order to avoid law suits and manage employee performance effectively.

In this session, our expert speaker Judi Clements will provide the managers with a “crash course” in safe, legal, and effective disciplinary practices and documentation.  She’ll also help you in grasping separate poor performance from poor attitude, counsel employees, and also write performance improvement plans. Judi will give the tips on how to keep a legal performance log to document both good and substandard performance.

Session highlights:

  • How to analyze poor work performance & help employees turn it around
  • How to avoid the negative consequences of inadequate documentation & discipline
  • Utilize the range of disciplinary options.
  • How to respond quickly and appropriately to common disciplinary infractions
  • Keep a legal Performance Log
  • How to Distinguish between subjective and objective documentation
  • Working with employees to develop Performance Improvement Plans
  • Writing a performance improvement plan
  • How to fill out formal HR disciplinary paperwork
  • Protecting yourself and your organization from legal landmines

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