Master Excel Functions To Boost Your Data Analysis

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Tips to take your data sorting and reporting to the next level

Microsoft Excel is a powerful tool for compiling and analyzing large quantities of data. But are you intimidated by its complexity? You don’t need to be a master programmer to master Excel functions. Just endure the small amount of time it takes to learn some advanced features and reap the rewards!

There’s so much more to Microsoft Excel than simple spreadsheets and reports.

Keep Function & Formula Tips Handy

Functions and formulas might sound confusing but by definition are fairly straightforward.


“A formula is an expression which calculates the value of a cell. Functions are predefined formulas and are already available in Excel”

Excel Easy.

The ease of functions is that they already exist, but you need to understand what you’re looking for when you want to sort your data. You can find lists of functions and their explanations online. For example, the Corporate Finance Institute and Computergaga both provide lists of functions (and how to use them). You’ll also find handy explanations for 16 Excel functions in this PCWorld article.

Here are a few tips to remain successful when working with Excel formulas, from another PCWorld article.

  1. If you use Copy and Paste Special Values for dates, the result will be text and cannot be converted to a real date. Dates require the DATEVALUE formula to function as actual dates.
  2. Formulas are always displayed in uppercase; if you type them in lowercase, Excel converts them to uppercase.
  3. There are no spaces in formulas. If your formula fails, check for spaces and remove them.

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