Helping Military Spouses Find Jobs.

Military Spouse find jobs

Google Tools to the rescue

When a person is in the military service, he or she is accorded a lot of respect, and although there is plenty of respect even when they return home from service, there is a real problem related to finding a job after military. Most veterans, when they return from active duty, are unable to find a job that suits their training and skill sets. Many a times, they will either settle down for whatever they get or they will keep jumping from one job to another. The problem is often just as real for military spouses too – many a times, they want to get a job and help with the family, while their spouses are away on duty. So how do Military Spouses find Jobs

In order to help such military spouses, Google has launched a new set of tools, which can aid them in find job opportunities, even while working remotely. This is actually similar to the Google hiring software, which allows veterans to find jobs that will help utilise the skills they have accumulated in the years of service. This new job filter allows military spouses to locate opportunities that lets them work from home, while also offering them training material that will be needed to work remotely and efficiently. 

The president of, Jacquelline Fuller, who herself comes from a military family, is of the opinion that the military spouses are the unsung heroes, because they too have to face plenty of challenges; from having to move from one place to another to handling the family alone many a times, there is so much that the military spouses go through. All this makes finding a job for them a lot tougher than regular people. In order to help military spouses, Google has teamed up with a non-profit organisation called Blue Star Families, which holds an expertise in supporting military families. Currently, grants and scholarships are being provided to military spouses, so that they can complete certification courses and enable themselves to be easily employable. 

A study conducted by the White House Council of Economic Advisors showed that even though there were close to 700,000 military spouses, the unemployment rate was much higher. It is comforting to see that apart from Google, other tech giants, including IBM are now joining forces with employers to create job opportunities for not only military veterans, but also spouses. Similarly, Blue Star Families is also doing plenty to help military spouses and the CEO, Kathy Roth-Douquet said that in a survey conducted amongst military families, close to 50% people were of the opinion that large corporations should design employment opportunities for military spouses. The idea was that military spouses would be able to work remotely, but still get chances to work with the big names in the industry. This is where Grow With Google comes into play, because it is aimed at empowering military spouses digitally first and then offering them ‘meaningful employment’.  So now, military spouses will be able to use the Google tool to find jobs that match their skills or education and then use the work from home or remote work filter to locate precise jobs for themselves.  Google had already launched a tool that would allow veterans to locate jobs based on their military job codes, and now it is finally making efforts into finding suitable job opportunities for the military spouses as well. 

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