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Product Format : Webinar
Presenter(s) : Vicki M. Lambert, CPP
Length : 100 minutes

Taxes, Garnishments, and More: How to Withhold


Payroll Deductions: What You Can & Can’t Deduct From Employee Wages. Payroll deductions can be a potential minefield of withholdings, and you need to read the fine print to make sure you get it right. One wrong calculation can cost substantial penalties and interest—not to mention upset workers and break trust.

Join payroll pro Vicki M. Lambert to take a comprehensive look at payroll—well beyond hours worked, pay, and taxes. Learn how to calculate withholdings such as child support and till shortages. And find out what the legal limits to those withholdings are.

After attending this ‘Payroll Deductions: What You Can & Can’t Deduct From Employee Wages’ webinar, you will know which taxes you must deduct and which are voluntary, the proper limits of specific deductions, and how many creditor garnishments you can honor. You will be able to handle lodging and meals (whether as pay or perk). And you’ll know how to tackle tricky payroll scenarios, such as what to do when you advance pay to a worker who up and quits before it’s paid back.

Proper payroll is crucial—learn to protect your company from financial missteps.

Session Highlights

This how-to session will cover:

  • Taxes: which are mandatory, which are a courtesy, and which ones the employee controls
  • Child support
  • Federal and state tax levies
  • Creditor garnishments: how many you can honor and how often
  • Voluntary wage assignments for payday loans
  • Fringe benefits, such as health insurance and group term life
  • Meals when they become a part of the employee’s wages
  • Lodging, whether it is a part of the employee’s wages or a perk
  • Shortages, breakages, and overpayments
  • Loans to employees and employee purchases
  • Anti-wage theft laws and the states

Who Should Attend

This session will benefit

  • Payroll executives,
  • Managers, administrators, and professionals;
  • Human resources executives and managers;
  • Accounting personnel;
  • Business owners, CEOs,
  • Operations and departmental managers;
  • Lawmakers; and attorneys and legal professionals.



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Feb 19

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