Impart Valuable HR Training with These Power-Packed Audio Conferences

It is a well-known fact that employee motivation is crucial step in developing a friendly Human Resourcesenvironment in the office, boosting the productivity of an organisation and keeping the employees satisfied. A motivated employee plays a pivotal role in reducing healthcare costs. Healthcare professionals are widely known to induce behavioural changes in order to make crucial lifestyle changes. Despite the existence of these methodologies, a large chunk of employees are quite unsuccessful in changing their behavior for a longer period of time.

In this session, expert speaker Don Powell will introduce some key behavior modification techniques that comprises strategic use incentive and easily maintains employee motivation to promote positive lifestyle changes in order to become wiser health care consumers. The agenda of this session is to prepare the attendees with:

  • Knowledge to describe 2 theories of behavior change
  • Learning to state the 5 components of the B.E.M.E.M. Model.
  • Accurately utilize 4 ways to increase employee compliance

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How to Deal with IRS and Other Government Agencies

What would be your first reaction if IRS contacts you? Sweating, going berserk and not thinking wisely will make things difficult for you! This webinar with Vicki M. Lambert will guide you of dos and dont’s upon being communicated by the IRS. She will also discuss the significant requirements to consider when you are doing business with other federal, state and local regulatory agencies and lawmaking bodies.

Highlights of the session are:

  • Essentials of an IRS notice
  • Comprehensive instructions on how to respond to an IRS notice
  • All the dos and don’ts of corresponding with the IRS or any government agency
  • Strategies on preparing for an external audit

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