Master Section 6015: Three Avenues for ‘Innocent’ Spouse Tax Relief

Married taxpayers filing jointly are both individually and jointly responsible for any income tax arising from their returns—even if they divorce later. But in certain situations—for example, where one spouse filed incorrect returns and the other was or was not aware of the problem—some equitable relief for joint tax reliability exists thanks to Section...

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Banking trends for 2020: More blockchain, voice engagement, and social media money accounts

Technology and competition are two forces reshaping the banking industry. Customers are demanding tech-first innovations and improved customer experiences, while competition from unexpected quarters continues to shake up the field. Here are trends you should know about for 2020 and beyond: Expansion of 5G wireless connectivity: The first 5G systems were deployed in 2019,...

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Opportunities and challenges facing the banking industry in 2020

Like almost every other industry in North America, the banking sector is undergoing massive transformation, with shifts in technology, consumer preferences, government regulations, and competition from startups. Innovation can help solve some of these problems, but legacy institutions which are slow to respond to changes may find themselves with a difficult transition. Here are...

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