Physician Documentation Challenges

Top Physician Documentation Challenges

Physicians know that clean clinical documentation is essential to get proper reimbursement. With increased pre- and post-payment audits and third-party scrutiny, you should make sure your practice isn’t missing a few crucial elements while documenting services. Common Documentation Errors Identified in Audits According to coding expert Melody Irvine in a recent audio conference for...

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Out of Network Billing

ASCs Weigh Insurance Contracting vs. Out of Network Billing

Ambulatory surgical centers (ASCs) continue to undergo decreasing reimbursements, increasing regulatory and industry changes, and other industry pressures. Many ASCs are uncertain of whether they should enter into contracts with insurers, including Medicare, or remain out of network. Here are some of the main things ASCs should consider when making that call. Medicare Requirements...

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Physician Documentation

Identify Common Documentation Errors Affecting Physician Services Reimbursement

Most physicians understand the importance of documenting services effectively and yet still miss crucial elements while documenting services. To ensure proper reimbursement, physicians, coders, office managers and auditors must understand the major physician documentation issues that affect reimbursement. Some of the problem areas physicians can encounter in the quest to improve their clinical documentation...

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