A Primer on H-1B Visas

A Primer on H-1B Visas
Product Format : Prerecorded Event
Presenter(s) : Patricia A. Bollman
Length : 60 minutes

Hire Smooth—Equip Yourself with the Latest Information on H-1B Visas


A Primer on H-1B Visas. H-1B Visas are specialty occupation visas for foreign national professionals.  Employers who are applying for a new H-1B visa for an employee are generally subject to an annual quota. In order to be able to successfully onboard employees, who are foreign national professionals, you as an employer need to be absolutely conversant with the H-1B visa process, your annual quota, and all the 'ifs and buts' around it.

Get the most current information on H1-B visas in this informative webinar by immigration and nationality law expert Patricia A. Bollman. Bollman will walk you through the requirements of an H-1B visa, and how to apply for it. She will discuss how the quota system works; regulations which affect H-1B visa holders and the H-1B employer; current trends by Immigration in adjudicating H-1B visas; rules regarding termination of an H-1B employee, and more!

After attending this 'A Primer on H-1B Visas' webinar, you will know everything that employers and foreign nationals should know about H-1B visas. As an employer, you will be able to plan and implement your hiring process in a better manner—thereby saving time and costs. As a foreign national you will be better placed in assessing your candidature with regards to qualifying for a work permit in the USA. That will help you in taking the best course of action to get the desired employment.

Session Highlights

The session will cover the following topics:

  • What is required to qualify for an H-1B visa
  • How the quota works when applying for an H-1B visa
  • What is required of the H-1B employer
  • How to handle an H-1B onsite compliance visit by Immigration
  • Rules regarding termination of an H-1B employee
  • H-1B extensions and transfers
  • Recent trends with Immigration regarding H-1B visas
  • Practice tips for H-1B visa processing

Who Should Attend

  • Employers hiring foreign national professionals
  • Foreign nationals interested in obtaining H-1B visas

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