Payroll misclassification-employee-vs-independent-contractor

Avoid This Expensive Payroll Misclassification Faux Pas

Hint: Know all classification requirements for employees vs. independent contractors Everyone makes mistakes—age old mantras even remind us that we learn from our mistakes. But there is one mistake that you can’t afford to make: misclassifying employees as independent contractors! Not every misclassification is really a mistake, though. The Department for Professional Employees AFL-CIO...

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Payroll Compliance Expatriate Employees

Shadow Payroll for Expatriate Employees – Ensure Payroll Compliance Beyond A ‘Shadow’ Of A Doubt

Consider These Payroll Risks When Employing Expatriate Workers In today’s ever-increasingly global economy, many U.S. corporations have employees working overseas. While this can provide many benefits, it also creates a very specific payroll tax challenge. Not only do you need to abide by federal, state, and local tax codes, but you must also understand...

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